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Mesh Security Fencing

ACAT pioneers cutting-edge mesh solutions for diverse applications, ensuring security meets innovation.

Telecom Security Fencing

Our 4097 large, raised steel mesh, hot-dipped galvanized to BS EN1461 standards, ensures 87% open area. Ideal for safeguarding telecom masts and critical 5G equipment, it prevents theft, vandalism and sabotage.

Electric Power and Energy Generation

Robust metal mesh fencing offers long-life, high-security solutions for protecting vital infrastructure in the energy sector.

General Security Fencing

Certified by LPCB 1175 SR1: Issue 8, our British-made mesh fencing resists attacks with tools, ensuring robust perimeter security for warehouses, distribution centres and telecoms infrastructure.

School Security Fencing

A cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing solution designed to police-preferred specifications, providing medium to high security for educational institutions.

Anti-Climb Barriers

Highly efficient security enhancements deter trespassers, protecting property and grounds by mounting onto various surfaces.

Super Security Fencing System

Offering a superior alternative to welded wire mesh or palisade fencing, this high-security expanded metal fencing is suitable for undulating ground and slopes.

Architectural Mesh

Ideal for demarcation and aesthetics in diverse environments, our architectural mesh is strong, secure, durable, and virtually maintenance-free.

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