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Prefabricated Structures

ACAT's prefabricated structures redefine modern construction, featuring a Powder Coated Steel Sandwich Wall Panel with Polystyrene Foam (EPS) for exceptional sound and heat insulation. Our commitment to energy efficiency is evident in details like PVC windows with insulating glass, powder-coated steel doors, and interior elements such as PVC Mineflo (Vinyl Carpet), laminated MDF doors, and Betopan (Cement Board). Rigorous technical inspections ensure the highest standards, offering stored prefabricated buildings, washrooms, and security units ranging from 49 to 148 square meters.


Our prefabricated houses are pre-produced in our factory and assembled in line with the demands of our customers. Prefabricated houses are more advantageous in terms of both time and cost compared to normal reinforced concrete houses. In addition, it is also friendly to the environment. 

Step into a visionary realm of housing and infrastructure with Mobile Prefab, your gateway to sophisticated, sustainable and swiftly erected solutions.

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